Health Technology

youutekk is working with several manufacturers of advanced health technologies to make new and innovative products available to our customers. We look forward to supporting self-care and make wellbeing easier to reach to everyone.

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Today we are featuring Life Extension's Disease Prevention & Treatment book with over 1,600 pages of breakthrough information that bridges the gap between cutting-edge science and mainstream medicine in one must-have volume that you'll find invaluable now and for years to come. This is information you simply won't find anywhere else, published by an organization passionate about keeping you younger and healthier longer.

Click here to get a copy of the Disease Prevention & Treatment (Hardcover Reference Book) This is one of the best reference books on the subject. It is a great guide book at home or buy it as a gift to someone you care about.

BrainLit Alven

A modern floor lamp that mimics natural daylight in color & intensity. Contact us for more information and how you can get one for your home, place of work, clinic or recovery room today.

BrainLit Alven is designed by Tord Wingren, the inventor of Bluetooth, that we use every day. Today Tord brings us another life changing technology that helps synchronize our own circadian rhythm for improved health, mood, sleep creativity and academics.

while there are many bulbs that change hue, this is in another class of its own. BrainLit Alven is a patent technology and it is one of it own.

Brainlit Alven floor lamp high intensity bluish color light
Brainlit Alven floor lamp high intensity bluish color light
Brainlit Alven floor lamp dimmed warm color light
Brainlit Alven floor lamp dimmed warm color light

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