Life Extension Melatonin IR/XR and Melatonin 3 mg

Life Extension

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Life Extension Melatonin IR/XR and Melatonin 3 mg

  • 2 bottles Melatonin IR/XR 1.5 mg
  • 1 bottle Melatonin 3 mg

Stacking immediate and extented release melatonin. Sleep well.

Melatonin increases the speed of falling asleep and adds to the quality of sleep. It also offers strong protection against free radicals and supports healthy DNA.

Melatonin is a hormone derived from the amino acid tryptophan. It's primarily synthesized by your pineal gland in your brain and released mostly at night to make falling asleep easier.

Melatonin IR/IX contains 1.5 mg of immediate and extended release melatonin to help fall asleep and stay asleep, while Melatonin 3 mg is for a stronger immediate release to help fall asleep faster.

Some might need to test different doses to find the optimal amount of melatonin that produces best results. We found out that 2 caplets of the IR/XR along with 1 caplet of the 3 mg Melatonin 90 minutes before desired bedtime produced sound sleep. 

Sleep well tips:

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