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Recommendations For Better Sleep

  1. Increasing daylight exposure during the day and reducing indoor lighting brightness to mimic natural daylight hours will balance your chronobiological circadian rhythm. Being outdoors a minimum of 1 hour between 10AM-2PM, and staying away from screens after sunset, or reduce their brightness can aid in balancing your circadian rhythm. BioCentric Lighting is based around this formula to mimic daylight hours.
  2. Confining all your work and intense activities to the morning or early afternoon allows you to de stress before sleep.
  3. Including 30-45 minutes of physical activity during the day can promote healthy sleep patterns.
  4. Easing the intake of caffeine or other stimulants past 2 pm
  5. Timing your meals to allow your food to digest before bed
  6. Taking melatonin 1-2 hours before bed will help improve sleep quality. Taking both an extended release and immediate release melatonin will help you fall asleep and stay asleep
  7. Taking a magnesium  supplement or supplementing with vitamin B6 can aid relaxation
  8. Taking ashwagandha twice a day can reduce stress and the buildup of cortisol. Cortisol should be high in the morning with a gradual decrease towards the evening.
  9. Reduce nighttime disturbances such as bathroom runs, by reducing liquid intake after dinner and taking a bladder control formula supplement.
  10. For cases of joint pain, taking joint and body inflammation supplement can sooth the aches that may be preventing you from a restful sleep.

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