A Holiday From Eating and Caloric Restriction

A Holiday From Eating and Caloric Restriction

During the holidays we are lured by social gatherings to enjoy each other's company around a feast of food and drink. While some foods might be healthy, others are to avoid at all costs. If you are trying to guess which one is which, then see our below guide.

The holidays are coming up, and I've been trying to come up with a list of things to do, enjoying the holidays while staying healthy at the same time. I read over it and figured other people might also want to stay healthy through the holidays, while still enjoying their time with their friends and family. Below are the notes I got down from my research.

    1. Try not to eat or snack between 8PM and 12 noon. This is the caloric restriction rule number one and a gold standard to staying healthy.
    2. Never overeat or mix too many foods in one meal. This overloads and burdens the stomach and sends partially undigested food downstream. It's no wonder why we experience bloating and gut issues.
    3. Plant based diets are the healthiest. If we fill our stomach with vegetables and fruits, then little is left for meats and other types.
    4. Should we eat meat? Many advocate to remove meats from the diet, especially red meat. (Most of us at youutekk are sticking with the Mediterranean diet, where fruits and vegetables constitute 70% of what we eat.) Eating red meat frequently can increase inflammation in the body, moderate consumption is the way to go.
    5. We try not eat sweets on an empty stomach, the sugar will go straight into the blood. People who have an insulin sensitivity should take caution with the appropriate nutrient support like clove and Macui berry extracts.
    6. We avoid alcohol. Don't be mislead or deceived. All the scientific studies indicate that drinking alcohol, even in small quantities, is harmful to the body. Don't drink alcohol if you want you want to be healthy. If you choose to drink, then again make sure it is not on an empty stomach. The food in the stomach helps slow down the alcohol's absorption into the body. Taking nutrients like NAC and Benfotiamine helps the body deal with the onset of toxins and sugar. Drinking plenty of water also helps in the recovery from dehydration, which causes headaches and other pains.
    7. We love the classic walk after a meal. Walking after a meal helps clear glucose from the bloodstream to lower blood sugar, and it helps move the food through our body quicker. 

I'm not going to stress about it though, and you shouldn't either. The holidays are supposed to be stress-free, and enjoying the time with family is important. The holidays only come around once a year, take some time off.

Happy Holidays and Stay Healthy,


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