Stemregen for Guitarists

Stemregen for Guitarists

Stemregen for Guitarists

Stemregen plugged in youutekk

No, this isn't another FX pedal, even though I wouldn't mind adding another guitar gain pedal to my board. I, like many musicians, am reaching an age where my hands may get more cramped up or slow due to inflammation or joint pain. I've been on a hunt for supplements or ways to treat this for years, and recently, I've found one that's been working.


As we age, our stem cell activity is reduced, which in turn leaves damaged tissue without its natural body repair mechanism. Inflammation then goes up due to many factors including diabetes, low vitamin D and K levels, decreased activity of mitochondrial function, high intake of red meat, high anxiety, lack of sleep hygiene, alcohol consumption, smoking, low omega-3 rich food intake, and chemo, the list goes on and on for why inflammation increases with age. Looking on the bright side, Stemregen seemed like a viable option to fight my inflammation.

More Gear?


A Stratocaster, a Baritone Solar guitar, a Marshall amp with a JHS PG-14, Metal Muff, MXR Distortion II, Wah-wah pedal… Stemregen? It floated into my mind that I should try and heal my hands before getting any of those, albeit very exiting, pieces of equipment.

Stem Cell Mobilization

So, I decided to do a little more research on Stemregen, what exactly is it? 

Stemregen moves the stem cells from the bone marrow to spread throughout the body. You lose stem cells fairly quickly through life. Stemregen may help increase production of stem cells. Stem cells power our bodies' natural healing factor, and maintaining a high and active stem cell count helps you heal faster and restore physical health.

As it is with many supplements, it is up to the individual to make the choices for self-care and dosage, and it is always good to find a naturopath doctor to help you in this endeavor. 

I started taking 2 capsules of Stemregen per day about 3 months ago to alleviate my stiff hands/fingers and to combat my tinnitus. I took Stemregen with my early morning coffee and morning supplements on an empty stomach.

From Stiffness to Flexibility

After about 3 weeks, the stiffness in my hands was reduced and my fingers became more flexible. Not as nimble as Steve Vai's, but definetely easier to move my hands without cramping during long playing sessions. About 6-7 weeks later the ringing in my ears started decreasing and becoming less prominent. Sometimes the tinnitus became barely noticeable. It's not 100% gone yet, but it's not annoying anymore and much more tolerable. I found this a great relief.

New Music to the Ears

I can’t stop thinking, what if my favorite guitarists took Stemregen. Would they get on tour again and forget about retirement? What if this was available to Tony Iommi or Richie Blackmore? Can you imagine the new material that would come out?

Stemregen works by increasing the number of circulating stem cells and accelerating tissue repair and renewal. This in turn supports healthy aging and physical performance at all levels. This is music to the ears.

Stemregen ingredients are not a secret, and you may have heard about some of them. Sea buckhorn berry extract, wild harvested cyanophyta, seaweed extract, notoginseng extract, aloe, beta-glucan, colostrum, and piper nigrum extract. The extract methods are patented to Kalyagen for the availability of highly effective and absorbable nutrients.

Joint problems such as arthritis or soft tissue injury affect 30% of worldwide population’s quality of life. The wear and tear of cartilage, aging and touring can be a heavy toll on musicians. Arthritis is loss of cartilage that is difficult to heal or repair for one main reason, poor blood circulation around the cartilage. The loss of cartilage leads to inflammation and pain. Eventually we end up with limited movement abilities with fewer choices for treatment.

While MSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, collagen can significantly improve flexibility and help reduce pain and inflammation, improving the activity of the stem cells may produce surprising results and speed up recovery and repair of the soft tissue. No need for complicated procedures and clinic visits, consuming a natural stem cell enhancer daily can yield desirable results.

Big Brain

Stem cells can form new brain cells when they migrate to the brain. Even though it was thought that we are born with our maximum brain cells as per neurology pioneer Ramon Cajal, we now know otherwise. In the early 1980’s scientists observed that the area of the brain controlling the vocal cords of male canaries showed seasonal neurogenesis with a dramatic increase in the number of neurons during singing season and die-off when the season is over.

A stroke victim is usually injected with stem cells into the brain to avoid brain atrophy. Yet injection of stem cells into the brain is complicated, so stem cells are injected into the bloodstream instead. This practice led to recovery of motor and cognitive functions. So the stimulation of endogenous stem cell mobilization, which is the release of one’s own stem cells, allows substantial functional improvements as well.


Kalyagen is the leading biotech company that is developing natural plant-based stem cell enhancers. Kalyagen developed Stemregen for simple self-care and for doctors interested in working with the concept of ESCM.

The development of Kalyagen started nearly 25 years ago when the founder Christian Drapeau began studying the aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). People consuming AFA reported benefits touching three main aspects of human health: immune and inflammation support, and an increase in mental clarity and energy.

With his research team, Drapeau quickly identified that a polysaccharide from AFA was supporting various aspects of immunity, more specifically the activity and migration capacity of natural Killer Cells (NK Cells). The University of Mississippi also documented immune-stimulant properties of AFA polysaccharide.

Regarding inflammation, as with any other blue-green algae, AFA is a significant source of phycocyanin, which was documented to be a strong COX-2 inhibitor and to reduce inflammation in several models of inflammation. Over the years, phycocyanin was also documented to have anti-cancer properties. Finally, Drapeau documented that AFA is a unique source of phenylethylamine (PEA), a molecule produced by the brain that enhances dopaminergic nervous transmission. Oral intake of PEA has been documented to elevate mood to the point of being anti-depressive, and even to potentially bring beneficial effects in cases of Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD). On this basis, AFA-based products have been marketed to help children with ADD.

Stemregen is advanced stem cell support

So next time you want to jam, take your Stemregen!

This information is not intended to imply or suggest that Stemregen could have any effect in mitigating, curing, preventing or otherwise treating any disease. This information is presented for educational purposes only, to help medical experts, understand the concept of Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization and individuals to learn about the possibilities of stem cell mobilization. If you are in the medical field and you want references, please contact us.


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