Many people ask: when should I take my vitamins? Does it matter?

Many people ask: when should I take my vitamins? Does it matter?

Many people ask: When should I take my vitamins? Does it matter?

For best results it is important to maximize absorbability of the supplements by taking them at the right time in the day and to take supplements with food especially when they are fat soluble like vitamin D or on an empty stomach in the case of amino acids.

Here's a guide as an example set in form of a possible regimen:

  • 6:00AM A glass of water and a cup of coffee. Ginkgo Biloba and other similar brain health plant extracts, like Cognitex Elite Pregnenelone, Ashwagandha, certain amino acids that raise alertness including L-theanine, Phenylalanine, Hormones like: DHEA
  • 6:30AM A cup of green tea, a glass of Magnesium L-threonate as it acts as a cognitive and balances the coffee acids, no breakfast, just water and tea to increase caloric restriction and allow absorption of morning nutrients.
  • 12 Noon Mixed Salad with protein and some fruit, Vitamin D3, K, E, C, B-Complex or multivitamin, enzymes. It is important to take vitamin D midday as it offers cognitive support and that might keep you up at night if taken later in the day. Get some outdoor light. This is the best quality light for synchronizing your circadian rhythm.
  • 4:30PM Protein drink with HMB, or a protein bar. Cardio & strength training workout for 1-1.5 hours.
  • 6:45PM Dinner Mediterranean style. followed by Zinc, multivitamin, CoQ10, fish oil, chromium or a glycemic guard to curb glucose spikes, Lipid control to limit fat absorption and to keep cholesterol in the normal range.
  • 8:45PM Melatonin immediate and extended, Magnesium and probiotics, tart cherry, maybe ashwagandha and L-Theanine to reduce anxiety if needed or if preferable to morning.
  • 10PM supplemental fiber drink
  • 10:30PM bedtime, light reading without screens, keep room cool and dark.

As always, it is important to spend time outdoors for fresh air and quality light that is needed by our body to stay in sync between the light and dark cycles of the day. This has an immense effect on our chronobiology, mood and outlook as well as absorption of nutrients. See our article that discuss 
BioCentric Lighting and its effect on the circadian rhythm here

If you have comments, improvements, questions or if you want to share your regimen please contact us.

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