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Life Extension

Cat & Dog Mix Pack Life Extension

Cat & Dog Mix Pack Life Extension

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Life Extension Cat & Dog Mix Pack

Pet's health is as important to us as our own. Here's a pack that addresses your pet's essential nutrients. Cat Mix and Dog Mix are food supplements for pets.

Cat Mix

Cats have their own nutritional needs to suit their systems, especially since they are carnivorous. With this comes many other dietary needs that may not be met by cat food alone. Supplementing your cat’s diet helps ensure that they’re getting enough vital nutrients to maintain overall health.


Dogs have their own set of nutritional needs. They need carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water as part of a balanced diet, just like we do. But a lot of dog food isn’t designed with the optimal nutrients that they need to stay healthy. Our Dog Mix supplements your dog’s diet with nutrients to help protect and maintain their overall health.

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