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Life Extension

Men's Health Bundle Life Extension

Men's Health Bundle Life Extension

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Life Extension Testosterone Support & Enhanced Sex Bundle targeting men's vitality:

  • 1 Super Miraforte with standardized Lignans (120 capsules)
  • 1 Prelox® Enhanced Sex For Men (60 Tablets)
  • 1 Male Vascular Sexual Support (30 Capsules)

Supplement Details

Super Miraforte supports healthy levels of free testosterone and overall male health with potent minerals and extracts including chrysin, nettle root, Muira puama and more. This formula encourages youthful testosterone levels.

Male Vascular Sexual Support

Also known as Thai Black Ginger, K. parviflora is native to Southeast Asia. It's been used to promote male sexual health for years, but only now has K. parviflora been studied in the west. And the results are impressive: two clinical studies show promise for male sexual function, response, performance and satisfaction with results seen after 30 days.

Prelox® Enhanced Sex For Men

Proper function of the endothelium (the delicate lining of the arteries) is critical to healthy male sexual capacity. Prelox® Enhanced Sex for Men promotes healthy endothelial function and supports blood flow to the places men need it most.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

(This bundle is NOT for Export from USA)

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